|| Halfblood High School || a roleplay...

|| Halfblood High School || a roleplay...

****created by @uselessness **** we own nothing she deleted her account but all credits to her ****
Loosely based on the main idea of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” (you don’t have to have read the books, no worries…)

“Halfblood High” isn’t your normal American high school where the students learn about things like algebra, Shakespeare or the French Revolution. It's a boarding school and training facility for young demi-gods and demi-goddesses. There, the so-called Half-Bloods are trained in the art of killing monsters and of surviving in the mortal and immortal worlds. And you can't forget about the essays.
Because, duh, it’s high school.
The school is located on the far end of Long Island and directed by headmaster Dionysus, who the students call "Mr. D," and Chiron, a Centaur and famous hero trainer, who is the activities coordinator. And the weather is always nice! That is, unless Zeus decides otherwise. The high school’s boundaries are also enchanted so as to protect the students from any monsters or outside forces, and it is encircled by a forest and a huge lake.
School facilities: Apart from the main school building, the different dorms and typical high school stuff (like a football field, tennis courts, swimming pool) the campus of Halfblood High also inhabits an archery field, a sword fighting arena, a special half-blood outside training track, an amphitheater, stables, an armory and the “Big Hall” where the daily meals take place. Every dorm is dedicated to the parent god of it’s inhabitants so there is a dorm named after every one of the Olympians and various minor gods in which their children live. There is, however, an extra dorm for those halfbloods who’s parents haven’t “confirmed” their child yet (because every halfblood has to prove himself/herself before a god decides to reveal their parenthood by letting their symbol appear on their child’s wrist as a tattoo).
And the school clubs! {TBD}
• you can only create 4 characters each , DOUBLE PLEASE. For every girl make a boy.
• the RP takes place in present time so please dress your characters like present day high school students (fashionable ones)
• no god-modding or power-playing
• be nice to your fellow students
• please stay active or I’ll have to let your character be eaten by a three-headed hydra :D
• don't start to roleplay until i approve your audition!
• any other questions, pm @imperfectionxoxo15 or @ellalea
{you can make any type of set, but it must have the following...}
Name ⚔
Age ⚔
Grade ⚔
How Long Have They Been a Student? ⚔
Godly Parent ⚔
Claimed or Unclaimed? ⚔
Bio ⚔
Personality ⚔
Extra facts ⚔
Model ⚔
[optional] Collection ⚔
[optional] Moodboard ⚔
[optional] Playlist ⚔
{if you'd like to apply for a trainer or teacher, please check with @imperfectionxoxo15 or @ellalea first}


Asher Jones / 21 / HADES (Robbie Amell)

Lillia Collins / Junior (AnnaSophia Robb)
Alec Ryan / Junior (Jamie Campbell Bower)
Marco Gabriel / Senior (Tyler Blackburn)
Nixon Reinfield / Senior (Josh Henderson)
Reed Williams / Junior (Anna Kendrick)
Will Jacobs / Junior (Dylan O'Brien)
Jake Greene / Senior (Matt Thiessen)
Xavier Payne / Senior (Nat Wolff)
Aaron Taylor / Senior (Sean O'Pry)
Jamie Jones / Sophomore (Griffin Arnlund)
Harrison Yancy / Senior (Wes Tucker)
Amelia Lewis / Junior (Britt Robertson)
Cayden Wright / Senior (Tommy Night)
Sonata Leon / Sophomore (Sydney Sierota)
Vera Jones / Junior (Kaya Scodelario)
Maisie Ford / Junior (Crystal Reed)
Ryan Xiu / Junior (Ryan Higa)
Elaine Hale / Sophomore (Daveigh Chase)
Alexandria Evans / Junior (Taylor Momsen)
Zach Fox / Senior (Daniel Radcliffe)
Keres May Alvers / Senior (Natasha Barnard)
Harper Hughes / Junior (Emma Watson)
Ellie Green / Junior (Dakota Fanning)
Claudia Hayes / Junior (Bonnie Wright)
Ryder Evans / Junior (Sean O'Donell)
Ailithia Sage / Junior (Laura Marano)
Clio Blagden / Junior (Scarlett Leithold)
Cole King / Senior / APHRODITE (Colton Haynes)
R Madison / Junior / NIKE (Claire Holt)
Alby Daly / Sophomore / EOS (Luke Pasqualino)

--we will add dorms and students as they come in! if your audition is unfinished or has not been accepted it will still be listed here and saved, but please complete your audition or you will not be allowed to participate!
contact us if you spot any problems with the listing!
…taken models…
Theo James
Anna Christine Speckheart
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